The Big Idea

Every year we plan, we dream, and develop strategies to be successful.  We confidently proclaim that “This time it will be DIFFERENT.” We WON’T get caught up in “all the little stuff.”  However, the day-to-day tasks of life and business have a way of getting in the way of our most important goals.   

There is a formula for Execution— Simplicity, Visibility, Accountability. These 3 Keys of Executionare the process to help you consistently see your most important goals achieved! 

Execution in Your Pocketis our proprietary tech tool (available for any web-enabled device) which will ensure you keep the 3 Keys working for a long time.

What can 3 Vital Questions Offer Licensee?

We are looking for world class training partners who can license and lead the 3 Keys of Execution process and tech tool.  What we offer the Licensee: 

 ·     Two day “3 Keys of Execution” Culture and Engagement Immersion program.

 ·     ½ Day “3 Keys of Execution” Executive Overview/Work Session

 ·     ½ Day “3 Keys of Execution” Managers Overview/Work Session

 ·     60 minute  “3 Keys” online employee onboarding program 

 ·      The 3 Keys of Execution book – Critically Acclaimed and listed by INC. Magazine as #6 on their list of books which can change your life:

 ·     Facilitator certification

·     facilitator guide

·     participant guide/workbook

·     Execution in Your Pocket – Tech tool