The Ken Blanchard Companies® is a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, and leadership effectiveness that is best known for its Situational Leadership® II program.

The Big Idea 

People want to be magnificent. They want their work to be meaningful and fulfilling, and want to be part of a greater purpose. It's human nature, and understanding this important aspect of human nature is key to being a people-centered leader.

Using best practices based on the company’s continual research, Blanchard’s world-class trainers and coaches support people in making the shift—learning how to read and influence people, and become the kind of leader that others want to follow.

Innovative leadership training models are at the core of Blanchard’s business. Many Blanchard programs for teams, customer loyalty, change management, and leadership development blend the use of assessments with elearning and instructor-led training.  

What can a blanchard licensee offer?

  • Access to promote, sell, deliver, and print the full portfolio of proven Blanchard solutions
  • Rights to use the various Blanchard brands to build credibility and brand presence in your market through online and offline media
  • Ability to run open enrollment workshops and Train the Trainer workshops to effectively support local client needs and create a profitable revenue stream through material sales to locally qualified client trainers
  • Access to all Blanchard programs, ensuring you can immediately go to market with training and marketing materials. You also have the rights to access and translate Blanchard programs to support your clients’ needs
  • Access to Blanchard thought leaders and content experts across the world to support you in implementing the Blanchard solutions to meet your clients’ needs
  • Qualified access to prospective client information and lead referrals in the United States from Blanchard HQ or other Global Partners
  • The opportunity to be part of an established Blanchard Global Partner community, providing peer support, expertise, and resources from across the Global network