The Back of the Napkin is the world's most popular visual communications course for business leaders, innovators, managers, problem-solvers, and sales professionals.

The big idea

When business professionals use their visual minds to think and communicate, their ideas become more powerful, more valuable, and faster to understand. 


This one-of-a-kind visual communications program is built upon four unwavering principles of vision:

1) Keep messages visual, simple, and clear:
Visual thinking is Dan Roam’s simple, process-based approach to clearer thinking and communications.

2) Use a proven visual process:
Visual thinking works because it combines your highly-developed verbal skills with your visual mind’s innate ability to rapidly comprehend visual symbols, imagery, and environments.

3) Focus on brain-science-based visual learning:
Because Dan’s approach is derived directly from the neuromechanics of vision, it feels natural and intuitive – and can be learned by anyone in just two days.

4) Share using a teachable approach:
A structured approach, Visual thinking gives you a teachable way to look at strategic, financial, and technical problems, discover hidden solutions, and quickly share your insights with other people.

Professionals who have completed Back of the Napkin training benefit in many ways:

  • Know how to harness the remarkable power of the human vision system for problem-solving, innovation, and communications.
  • Know how to confidently create clear and memorable presentations and deliver live "whiteboard" meetings.
  • Understand how to captivate an audience's attention through the power of visual persuasion.
  • See how to explain any concept with just six simple pictures.