Leaders want to make a difference but are often drained by people problems. We keep asking more of our leaders, yet we don't adequately equip them with the interaction skills to be successful. They spend too much of their energy putting out fires and reacting to drama instead of building engaged teams and healthy cultures. Work relationships should energize us, not drain us. 

What's missing is compassion.

Compassion is what makes us human, keeps us working together, and gets us back on track when we lose our way.  With The Compassion Mindset (TCM) you can reset the way you see yourself and others and apply a simple skillset and template for engaging differently. Whether you are addressing diversity and inclusion, performance and behavior issues, client interactions, or conflict in your team, TCM provides a practical framework for applying Openness, Resourcefulness, and Persistence to negotiate even the most difficult interactions.

Companies with a Compassion Mindset have a thriving internal culture and win in the marketplace.

Next Element has built a globally recognized brand specializing in the dynamics of healthy human interaction. With The Compassion Mindset, your biggest relationship challenges can become catalysts for positive change.

What can The compassion Mindset Offer Licensee?

Licensees are equipped to train and reinforce The Compassion Mindset course inside their organizations.

  • Order the online Compassion Assessment and get results for each participant.

  • Train the Compassion Mindset course in-person or virtually, with digital or hard-copy kits.

  • Enroll participants in a free, automated, followup support program.

  • Receive system and material support and updates.