Developing creative thinking and innovation culture by design… interactive learning experiences that build creative thinking mindsets and toolsets and develop a culture of innovation.

the big idea

CEOs have identified that creative thinking is the number one leadership quality needed for the future. More innovative practices and processes will enable leaders and teams to deal with the impact of rapid change. The Create+Innovate program suites provide the specific strategies required for targeted innovation development.

Create+Innovate programs incorporates the highly popular design thinking approach to innovation, but also dive deeper into the principles required to build an innovation culture. Each suite is themed to create a high impact learning experience. Participants have the opportunity to trial practical innovation tools through engaging interactive exercises and simulations with case studies.

The programs cover the core concepts of creative thinking and innovation, including:


Suite 1:

Inspiration & Ideation

Theme: Crime Scene Investigation - CSI

- Identifying key blocks to creative thinking

- Empathy and curiosity to connect with the end user and gain insights

- Stretching the imagination and providing tools to come up with unique solutions

-Introducing an innovation process with key design thinking modes: ENQUIRE / EXPLORE / SOLVE / APPLY


Suite 2:

Implementation Readiness & Culture

- Developing innovative mindsets and an innovative values-driven culture

- Introducing innovation applications

- Cover 4 key innovative paradoxes that must be navigated to successfully drive innovation, and include powerful case studies to reveal best practices and success strategies

Novel Ideas

“One of the best programs we’ve used, receiving great feedback.”
- Sharon Padgett, Learning & Development Manager | Visa Card International (USA)

“I never thought I’d need to wade through the comprehensive presenter’s manual, but the details proved to be invaluable.”
- Rob Day, CEO Turnaround (Dubai UAE)

“Who Killed Creativity? has both quality and depth. It is enlightening, thought provoking, and most important, change-enabling, and the experience is both easy and fun. We know that experiential learning has the most likely chance of changing behavior over the long term, and the extended value is in the likelihood of the experience “sticking”. Business, education, and government need to engage the new learnings you offer through your program. The faculty, and I in particular, will be putting the “Who Killed Creativity?” program to use in our courses. ”
- Jon Michael Fox, International Center for Studies in Creativity - State University of New York (USA)

“SEAC (formerly APM) Arinya Talerngsri, CEO of SEAC– Thailand’s foremost training and consulting organization – spent years and considered over 200 international companies, searching for the best provider for experiential learning programs before deciding on Tirian. In the recent consolidation of partnerships, Tirian was one of the only partners kept along with Stanford, Blanchard and Arbinger.

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The Creative Crisis Explained

Who Killed Creativity? The 7 Suspects

Andrew Grant TEDx "Creativity"




Who Killed Creativity?... And How Can We Get It Back?
A diagnostic tool for looking at what blocks creativity (‘CSI / Clue’ style game-board) and seven essential tools for dealing with potential creative thinking

TAKEAWAYS: An understanding of why creativity has difficulty flourishing in a typical work environment PLUS recognizing the traits of a creative mindset & innovative work environment



Strategies for Innovative Development (SID)
Introducing and practicing working through four key design thinking modes for effectively managing the innovation process and coming up with better solutions faster

TAKEAWAYS: A workable model and practical tools for coming up with practical ideas and implementable solutions faster PLUS one or more business issues solved using the model



The Chocolate Factory
Practice in using creative thinking tools and innovation strategies, and examining how human centric innovation can be systematized & made customer centric through the organization.

TAKEAWAYS: An understanding of the importance of innovative redesign PLUS a recommended solution for an improvement to a practical workplace challenge.


WKC game board material.jpg


  • Published book Who Killed Creativity?... And How Can We Get It Back? by Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant - 300 pages (Published by Jossey Bass, available in English | Mandarin | Portuguese |Arabic | Audible – 300 pages +)

  • Gameboard Kit with CSI theming

  • Workbooks

  • Flipcharts

  • Models

  • Videos

  • Train the trainer licensing 



The Innovation Race Program Suite

The Innovation Race Interview - The Daily Edition

Being an Innovative Leader




The Innovation Race

Developing an awareness of the challenges of disruptive innovation and the importance of staying ahead in the ‘innovation race’. The session covers the need to explore deep innovation values and vision driven by empathy for human-centric solutions.

TAKEAWAYS: Awareness of the need for human-centric innovation PLUS clear innovation values & vision



The Tourist and the Travel: Navigating Key Innovation Paradoxes
Interactive workshop and reflection on and map current state

TAKEAWAYS: An ability to identify the major factors required to build an innovation culture PLUS an initial team and/or organization current state map

Diagnostic & Tools


Polar Positioning (PoP)
Experiential exercise introducing tool to identify past, current and desired future states and to design, focusing on developing action plans through business facilitation.

TAKEAWAYS: An ability to identify the key skills and strategies needed to successfully navigate the key innovation paradoxes PLUS an initial strengths and gaps analysis plan (can also include full action plan)

Practical Model


The Amazing Innovation Race
Game-board style simulation - a gamified version of the workshop to further explore the paradoxical pairings while ‘traveling’ the world to look at best practices from different companies, countries and cultures.

TAKEAWAYS: A relevant ‘best practices’ summary and checklist analysis PLUS a detailed action plan



What is Your Innovator Profile? How to identify and develop your, your team’s and your organization’s innovation strengths and readiness for change. Includes:

Innovative Change Leader Inventory (iCLi): Assessment tool for identifying individual innovation behaviour / leadership strengths and challenges

Innovation Climate Index (iCi): Assessment tool for identifying organization innovation culture strengths and challenges
These profiles identify critical innovation strengths and challenges for leaders and organizations. The profiles are based on measuring how to navigate the 4 key innovation paradoxes successfully to create a sustainable innovation culture.

TAKEAWAYS: Individual and organization innovation profiles + action statements and strategies for building individual mindset and skills and/or a stronger organization culture to support sustainable innovation.


The Innovation Race


  • Published book The Innovation Race: How to Change a Culture to Change the Game by Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant (Published by Wiley, 300 pages +)

  • Game-board Kit with Innovation Race theming

  • Workbooks

  • Flip-charts

  • Models

  • Videos

  • Validated assessment

  • Train the trainer licensing


Our company (TIRIAN) produces original high quality and engaging workshop and seminar programs, keynote presentations and individual resources to provide tools and strategies for individual and organizational change.  All Tirian programs are intelligent in content and stimulating in approach. They are designed by educational professionals who know how to ensure specific outcomes are reached. By presenting the latest management research and theories through unusual themed concepts, we create powerful interventions with immediate and ongoing impact so the learning lasts! Tirian's programs involve deliberate use of authentic experiences and facilitated reflection to create a lasting impact. Tirian doesn't just provide clients with one extreme of light fun experiences or the other extreme of straight dry skills training, we introduce stimulating educational processes that lead to real transformation.


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Andrew Grant / Gaia Grant
Founders of Tirian, Authors, Consultants and Professional Facilitators. Andrew is a TEDx and APEC speaker, and Gaia is an HD Researcher & Lecturer in Innovation Culture @ The University of Sydney Business School (PhD researcher at (USYD), MSc Creative Leadership (SUNY), Grad Dip of Change Leadership,  BA Dip Ed, BD (hons)).

Tirian programs are also designed by the Tirain team and global associate partners.



Licensees are certified to deliver suites and/or individual programs in creativity thinking AND innovation. Each suite contains a mix of program modules based on workshop with integrated experiential learning exercises, simulations and assessments all themed in a memorable way to make the learning last.

The train-the-trainer materials provided include:

  • Program manuals

  • Instructional videos

  • Participant notes

  • Games materials kits with unique theming

  • Evaluation tools

  • Training from a master trainer (can also include facilitation skills training)

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“It is refreshing to see what Tirian has to offer. In the saturated field of training, they have carefully combined solid educational methods with researched academic content which results in an engaging experience. I know the partner we have in common is extremely selective and Tirian remains their trusted partner because of the value they deliver to companies and their employees.”

Joni Wickline
Vice President,
International Growth
The Ken Blanchard Companies