For over 30 years, Peter Block’s Designed Learning has helped organizations transform employees to successful business partners and consultants.

The Big Idea

Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting® Workshops, give participants the tools they need to deal with resistance from difficult people as well as powerful ways to be more authentic, express wants, give support and disarm objectives.

The idea of business partnerships with peers, clients and bosses becomes more real - especially when renegotiating new possibilities with existing relationships. All of this has the effect of increasing demand for services and upgrading the kinds of projects people get involved in.

Programs may be customized to meet the organization’s goals and objectives, ensuring the investment produces trainings that stick and provide results.

What people are saying…

Great experience. I’ve booked a lot of these workshops and similar experiences over the years and this by far was the easiest experience and the most effective one. Great job! I’m so pleased with the experience.
— HDVest
The participate feedback was outstanding will definitely be doing more.
— Cask
Our trainers were great to work with. We appreciated their willingness to adjust from session 1 to session 2.
— Cone Health
Everyone LOVED the Flawless workshop!
— Pacific Life
Our facilitator was awesome and received great reviews from all of the attendees.
— Novachemical
Our trainer was wonderful to work with - customer focused, willing to adapt to ensure positive results. I couldn’t be more pleased.... and we are not easy to please. So, this says a lot! Thank you!!
— Turner

Professionals Who Have Attended These Workshops Learn:

  • new ways to deal with resistance from difficult people, resulting in more buy-in from even those at higher levels;

  • new partnering behaviors you can apply immediately;

  • personally powerful ways to be more authentic, express wants, give support, disarm objections

  • to be more confident in your partnership roles;

  • Understand what analytics drive value for the business and how to translate results into insightful and actionable recommendations;

  • Develop commitment from business leaders and peers, and influence the decisions businesses make beyond just numbers;

  • Create more requests for work and increase job satisfaction,

  • And much more.

As a Licensee

You can offer any of Designed Learning’s Peter Block Flawless Consulting workshops. These two-day workshops are customized by their unique design and are appropriate for any staff or internal group. You can also offer Accelerated Flawless Consulting, an intensive three-day version of the other workshops. Finally, licensees will have access to materials and support to provide half-day or one day overview training sessions, and the Influence Coaching product as appropriate.