Don Yaeger shares lessons learned from the habits of top sports athletes and coaches to help individuals and teams achieve greatness.

The Big Idea

As an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, an eight-time New York Times Best-selling author and longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated, Don Yaeger has fashioned a career as one of America’s most provocative thought leaders. As a speaker, he has worked with audiences as diverse as Fortune 500 companies and cancer survivor groups, where he shares his personal story. He has primarily sought to discuss lessons on achieving greatness, learned from first-hand experiences with some of the greatest sports legends in the world.

Over his many years working with some of the greatest athletes of all time, including Michael Jordan, Walter Payton, John Wooden, Michael Phelps, and Bill Walton, Don has identified the characteristics common to all winners.

What Can Don Yaeger Licensees Offer?

Licensees can offer The 16 Characteristics of Greatness, a one-day seminar. In this course participants will learn the habits of the great ones:

  • How they think

  • How they prepare

  • How they work

  • How they live