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Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success

David M. R. Covey & Stephan M. Mardyks

with foreword by Stephen M. R. Covey

Outsmart the traps that are holding you back from success!

 Trap Tales is your guide to avoiding the seven obstacles that ensnare people every day. We all fall into traps, and we often don’t even realize it until we’re deeply entrenched. Like quicksand, traps are easy to step into, but difficult to escape—it seems that the harder we try to climb out, the deeper we sink. But what if there were another way? What if we knew the right strategies to escape the traps we have fallen into? What if we could spot traps from a distance, and avoid them entirely?

In this book, authors David M. R. Covey and Stephan M. Mardyks train you in the art of Trapology. You’ll meet Alex and Victoria, who have fallen into traps you’re sure to recognize. As you read their stories, you’ll learn about the seven most common traps in life and work, and how even the smartest and seemingly most accomplished people find themselves stuck and unable to see their way out. Traps are masters of disguise, but there are telltale signs that give them away every time. If you discover that you’re actually trapped right now, consider this book your lifeline—the lessons contained in Trap Tales will teach you how to escape these traps and how to sidestep them in the future.

This book, unlike most books, offers counter-intuitive strategies and unconventional wisdom to:

• Learn the seven biggest traps in life and work that catch people unaware

• Identify the traps that are holding you back right now

• Discover your escape route and climb out of the quicksand

• Become a “Trapologist” and avoid traps altogether

The core message of Trap Tales is hope—the belief that anybody can change the trajectory of their life, at any stage of their life. Stop letting traps steal your time, money, energy, and happiness—Trap Tales provides survival training of a different sort, allowing you to write your own tale of success.

“Perhaps the greatest gift of this book is hope. If, like the protagonist of this story, you find yourself in one of these traps you may wish you had never fallen into it, it’s important to realize that you can get out. And stay out. And help the people you care about do the same.”

From the Foreword by Stephen M. R. Covey, bestselling author of The Speed of Trust

Published by Wiley

“Trap Tales is a triumph! The book reveals the 7 traps that can turn life’s journey into an obstacle course. With clear examples and calls to actions, David Covey and Stephan Mardyks give you tools to escape and avoid these harmful traps. Read this book, apply its wisdom, and live your best life.” Ken Blanchard, bestselling coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Leading At A Higher Level

“Wow! What a tremendous book. I found myself enraptured by the story. Covey and Mardyks created characters that the reader comes to truly care about and whose stories they want to follow. That, along with very insightful content, creative analogies and relevant examples kept me deeply engaged throughout. I genuinely loved it.” Jim Loehr, cofounder of the Human Performance Institute, renowned performance psychologist, bestselling autho

“Covey & Mardyks are a Dynamic Duo! They've broken free from the standard approach to bring us a novel, hopeful book — one that shows that we can change the trajectory of our lives.  If you feel trapped by circumstance or stuck in old patterns of thinking, read Trap Tales and breakthrough.” Liz Wiseman, bestselling author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts

“Anyone interested in learning how to avoid the basic pitfalls of life will enjoy the engrossing read that Trap Tales delivers. Covey & Mardyks eye opening story of life imparts invaluable wisdom and is an amazing guide for people of all ages." Stedman Graham, bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur

“Few in the world of personal and organizational development have a more comprehensive view of all the field has to offer. I highly recommend a careful reading and application of the accumulated wisdom Covey and Mardyks have to offer for both spotting and liberating ourselves from life’s most subtle and pernicious traps.” Joseph Grenny, cofounder of VitalSmarts and bestselling coauthor of Crucial Conversations

 “Freedom in not only a mental and physical construct…it is a core human need. Traps catch us and hold us prisoner in unhealthy repetitive cycles. Trap Tales imparts invaluable wisdom that can truly set you free. This book is your key to that freedom.” Brian Tracy, bestselling author of The Psychology of Selling and Eat That Frog!

"Wouldn't it be great to be born with X-ray vision? Imagine being able to see what's up ahead or around the next corner, aware of every obstacle in your path. This entertaining book is an amazing guide that enables the reader to do just that." Bonnie St John, bestselling author of Live Your Joy and coauthor of Micro-Resilience

"David and Stephan have identified the most common things that trip us up in our lives and work, and they've supplied a set of practical techniques for directing our focus to transcend them. An easily digestible manual for getting sticky things unstuck!" David Allen, bestselling author of Getting Things Done

"I always believed wisdom could only be acquired through hard-earned experience, but Trap Tales proves me wrong. It is rich with advice you can immediately act on. Read this book and you'll learn specific strategies for avoiding the most common mistakes while capturing life's greatest moments." Andrew Sobel, bestselling author of Clients for Life and Power Questions

“This book addresses a far more important topic than success in business. Instead, it is a remarkable treatise on overall success in life. It is chock-full of practical advice on how to avoid or extricate yourself from the many traps into which people fall. It is a powerful wake-up call to anyone who is innocently walking into a trap. It also sets some warning flares around traps by vividly and viscerally describing their consequences.” Jack Zenger, CEO of Zenger Folkman and co-author of the bestselling The Extraordinary Leader

“To start thinking about our challenges as traps offers all of us a new and compelling framework that transforms our current predicaments. This book is brimming with insights and approaches that will surprise and amaze you.” Don Yaeger, nine-time New York Times bestselling author

“As story analysts, we appreciate the authors’ fine-tuned attention to the story—giving us rich characters and compelling struggles that deliver powerful concepts. David and Stephan have raised the bar for story-based business books.” Wendy Gourley and Amy White, directors of Second Sight Studio

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