Discover a proven path to high performance. This program will equip your in-house trainers with knowledge and tools to help your employees expand their energy capacity for higher engagement and performance.


Today’s organizations face tough challenges – increased pressure, employee disengagement and burnout are on the rise. At the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, we offer proven, science-based training solutions that help improve performance at work and in life. With over 30 years of research and results, our purpose-driven approach to expanding energy capacity helps create sustainable behavior change for individuals, teams and organizations.

Our groundbreaking Corporate Athlete® Performance training teaches individuals how to manage energy to achieve sustained high performance. The 2-day Train-the-Trainer Program is designed to equip in-house trainers with the knowledge and tools to effectively deliver a 1-day energy management course to employees – helping improve engagement by using a proprietary behavior change model so individuals and teams can perform to their full potential.

The Corporate Athlete® Performance Train-the-Trainer Program:

  • Includes a 1-Day Corporate Athlete® Performance Training and a 1-Day Trainer Workshop

  • Teaches Corporate Athlete® concepts and best practices for a 1-day course implementation, leveraging a step-by-step, instructional Facilitator Guide

  • Offers follow-up support from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute performance coaches and 24/7 online access to Best Practice and Implementation Tools via the new Facilitator Resource Site