ICOM4 turns learning & development into a more powerful solution by identifying where performance gaps exists and how they can be closed in order to achieve business results.

The Big Idea

ICOM4 isolates talent gaps so you can strategically develop your workforce. Our assessments allow you to identify key behaviors that impacts performance and employee engagement levels, allowing you to create a highly skilled and engaged workforce.  Putting the power of measurement behind your current L&D initiatives allows you to save time, resources and money when developing your people to seamlessly execute your strategy, vision and goals.  

With decades of experience in management consulting, we found that when clients came to us with issues or performance needs the process of uncovering and getting to the root causes of what was going on was time-consuming and costly.

So we went on a journey to find a way to quickly and accurately uncover and link workforce capabilities and organizational performance to the needs of the company so that the right solutions can be quickly applied. We removed the time-consuming process of extensive focus groups and interviewing of staff, and the subjective evaluation of issues, and developed a solution that allows our clients to effectively identify and resolve core issues so they can get back to business.

what can licensees offer?

By completing the ICOM4 Accreditation Program individuals will be licensed to provide ICOM4 assessments and consulting process to their clients or within a company.
The content will prepare participants to determine appropriate assessments, interpret and recommend solutions based on the results.

Please click the link below to see our full suite of assessments: