InsideOut Development turns leaders into confident coaches and helps build an organization-wide culture of coaching.

The Big Idea

The InsideOut approach offers a different paradigm for unlocking human potential. Most training organizations create solutions based on the idea that more knowledge equates to better results. The InsideOut approach to human performance is different. They focus on eliminating what gets in the way of people doing what they already know.

Each year, organizations spend billions of dollars on knowledge-based training and development. And while some of this is necessary, acquiring more knowledge is not always the best way to improve performance and drive results. InsideOut Development provides an alternative: Their solutions leverage the knowledge, skill, and talent that are already within people and organizations and get them to action.

A person’s faith, fire, and focus are at the heart of high performance.

  • Faith: Our beliefs about ourselves and our beliefs about others

  • Fire: Our energy, passion, motivation, and commitment

  • Focus: What we pay attention to and how we pay attention

When Faith, Fire, and Focus are high and interference is reduced, people are freed up to put their knowledge into action and achieve extraordinary things. Simply put, it’s getting what’s inside, out.

Founded over 25 years ago, InsideOut is best known for developing manager-as-coach skills through their flagship-training program, InsideOut Coaching. They train tens of thousands of people annually using the GROW® Model and other innovative tools developed by InsideOut founder Alan Fine and the InsideOut Team.

What can InsideOut Development licensees offer?

Licensees get certified to deliver the ICF and HRCI accredited InsideOut Coaching program. This program involves pre-work evaluations, a streamlined one-day workshop, and workplace application tools to track and encourage coaching activity. In addition to the core coaching program licensees can also offer InsideOut Breakthroughs which is a 1/2 day solution meant for all levels of an organization.