International Licensing Operations Handbook

coverpage ILOH.png
coverpage ILOH.png

International Licensing Operations Handbook


The Handbook represents SMCOV’s view on the different dimensions of international licensing in the training industry. Based on our 20+ years of experience in the industry we feel confident that our approaches and recommendations will help you lay the foundation for a successful international licensee network. We look forward to your success.

Table of Contents:

Global Expansion Strategy

  • Go-to-Market Global Readiness

  • Product & Process Development Standards

  • Master Trainer Certification Process

  • Channel Conflict Management

  • International Branding Strategy

  • International Publishing Best Practices

Selecting the Right Licensees

  • Ideal Licenses Profile & DNA

  • Target Territories

  • Unique Market Characteristics

  • Finding Licensees

  • Questions to Ask When Vetting Candidates

  • Common Questions Candidates Will Ask

Supporting Licensee Growth

  • Day-to-Day Management

  • Communication, Recognition & Meeting Frequency

  • Community & Network Building

  • 3 Key Leading Measures

  • T3 Model

Network Policies

  • Global Sales

  • Pricing Guidelines

  • IP Infringement Policy

  • Collection Policy

  • Royalty Reporting System

Legal Agreement Terms

  • Key Terms for Licensing Agreements

  • Example Certified Corporate Champion (C3) Agreement

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