JOLT is a holistic Self-Intelligence system that equips individuals, teams and organizations to thrive efficiently, profitably, and consciously.

The Big Idea

If you want to transform your organization, you must transform the individual. JOLT is based on the simple idea that by increasing your people's capacity and capabilities you transform them, and as a result, you transform the organization. The JOLT system provides a Self-Intelligence experience that aligns the individual to your organization's purpose, vision, values and strategy, creating a sustainable high performance culture.

The world has shifted. Business is now recognized as a human art form and people want more meaning and empowerment in their work.  Your best people will leave your organization if they don’t get it. Teams and organizations can’t afford to have zombies who clock in and out each day. Your company needs highly energized and self-led people who are value aligned and dedicated to realize your organization’s reason for being. 

what can jolt licensees offer?

JOLT Discovery

  • Provides an outside-in perspective on the landscape of the organization and creates a rollout strategy unique for your organization.

JOLT Challenge

  • Bootcamp for the mind! The award-winning program with 11 weekly onsite workouts that follow the SET methodology.

JOLT Ignite

  • The short, sharp 1-day intensive workout that is your mini-JOLT Challenge. 

JOLT C1 Premium Coaching

  • Internationally certified coaches help the leaders going through JOLT Challenge to navigate their way to be a role model for authentic and inspirational leadership.