Personal leadership and transformation


JOLT is a holistic 2-Day program that will maximize your productivity and your Self Intelligence, increase your joy at work and at home and set up a solid foundation to successfully lead others. Firmly grounded in science, the JOLT program zeroes in on the essentials: What are your values, your beliefs? What are you creating? How do you manage your self-talk? How does all this affect the way you deal with others? JOLT is a fundamental building block for professionals who want to be authentic leaders.


JOLT has been developed from JOLT Challenge, the acclaimed book on personal leadership endorsed by Dr. Stephen Covey, renowned author of the international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 


A powerful 2-Day program for senior executives, management teams or any team of up to 20 people looking for enhanced personal leadership and sustainable high performance.


Authentic leadership

Increased engagement and trust

Sustainable high performance

Shared culture, language and success


Who does JOLT?

• Executive teams

• Marketing & Sales teams

• Emerging leaders

• Small to medium businesses who want engaged, high performing teams

• Newly formed teams

• Teams that are suffering from silos and blocks

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