The Leadership Spectrum Agility program
develops organizational acumen and systems
thinking to manage complexity and
change. The program provides a roadmap for
capturing environmental insights,
discovering new solutions, and delivering
desired results.

The Big Idea

Are your leaders delivering desired results by leveraging changing realities? The Leadership Spectrum Agility:Delivering Brilliant Results program develops accuracy in assessing emerging conditions, identifying new opportunities, navigating complexity, and delivering stellar outcomes. This groundbreaking program provides tested tools, practices, and checklists to enhance and sustain engagement and outcomes.

This program provides clear insights into six reality based mindsets to assess real-time
conditions to guarantee a thriving future. Participants complete the online Leadership Spectrum Profile® to identify their current mindset and discover potential blind spots. This reality-based situational focus offers a new and essential avenue for leadership development in a period of rapid change.

Leadership Spectrum.png

Program Outcomes

This program delivers impactful outcomes from enhanced performance and engagement.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize your driving Mindset and expand situational awareness
  • Shatter constraints of habitual or conventional thinking
  • Circumvent pitfalls to seize opportunities
  • Boost critical and risk analysis
  • Leverage emerging trends and patterns
  • Win active support through effective influencing
  • Apply new tools to bridge and resolve conflict

What Licensees Can Offer

The Leadership Spectrum Agility program offers an interactive and engaging introduction to a unique results-based leadership paradigm. Participants discover how to balance
six context based mindsets to shape wise choices that will deliver the right results. The six
mindsets are:

Chart from LSP Flyer 061918.jpg

The program is offered in a one-day and two-half-day formats.

  • Participants complete the online Leadership Spectrum Profile® before the session giving them an opportunity to review their LSP report and mindsets.
  • The course materials, including the Mindset Agility Checklist, can be tailored for specific industries and audiences.
  • Program practice sessions prepare participants to use the material to improve results.