What is worse than having a high-stakes conversation? Avoiding one. Achieving Meaningful Alignment is a training program that will transform the way you and your team communicate, manage emotions and resolve conflict.

The Big Idea

Leading difficult conversations to positive outcomes

The inability to effectively handle high-stakes conversations costs organizations an enormous amount of time and money.

By our basic nature, most people have difficulty handling emotionally charged conversations. For many, our capacity to manage emotions, handle conflict, and communicate authentically is not innate — it must be learned. However, few people are trained to focus on emotional management skills throughout their careers. We have been rewarded for results, not emotional intelligence.

The secret to all successful relationships is gaining alignment with others, with emotional composure and resiliency. Meaningful Alignment refers to any conversation involving two or more people where alignment and deep understanding are vital to a successful outcome. More specifically, we are referring to the high stakes interactions we have at times where emotions run high, and viewpoints are often not aligned.

A lack of alignment creates problems in the workplace: 

  • Avoidant and reactive management culture
  • Team members not receiving crucial, timely feedback
  • Teams and individuals not being held accountable
  • Fewer innovative, creative and collaborative behaviors
  • Teams not equipped to resolve issues and solve problems (low autonomy)

Meaningful Alignment is a program developed by leadership experts Steinbrecher And Associates Inc. to help individuals and teams learn how to communicate extraordinarily well and successfully build high levels of trust. Achieving a successful and satisfying outcome for all parties involved during a discussion begins with understanding ourselves and the “inside game” of our mind. This deeper self-knowledge is achieved through our Interpersonal Dialogue Profile® assessment.

Meaningful Alignment Program Highlights:

  • Learn which dialogue styles we tend to use with others, particularly when the stakes are high, and disagreements are strong.

  • Discover vital techniques to manage your own emotion, and the emotions of others.

  • Explore ways to build greater emotional resiliency.

  • Learn and practice the six steps and emotional management techniques of Meaningful Alignment

What can a Steinbrecher And Associates Licensee Offer?

Manage emotions. Resolve conflict. Improve relationships.

Licensees are certified in the Meaningful Alignment (MA) methodology, including the Interpersonal Dialogue Profile assessment.

  • Capacity to run open enrollment MA workshops

  • Ability to conduct direct delivery MA workshops and follow-up support

  • Certification to deliver Train the Trainer MA workshops

  • Authorization to sell MA program, book and support materials

  • Access to marketing materials such as website, webinars, podcast, and follow-up training videos

  • Support from Steinbrecher And Associates personnel to aid the implementation process of MA training materials

  • The right to translate all MA materials in desired languages