The Big Idea

Micro-Resilience allows you to meet the increasing demands of high performance while maintaining more focus, more drive, and more energy than ever before.

The Micro-Resilience Program is a set of research-based frameworks for daily and hourly, micro-recoveries based on the new book by Bonnie St. John and Allen P. Haines. The result of this carefully constructed program is stronger, higher quality, and more sustainable productivity in individuals, teams, and organizations.

The Challenge

Today, our personal and professional lifestyles are highly intense – we juggle intricate challenges, confront emotionally charged interpersonal issues, and respond to intellectual demands that stretch the limits of our brainpower, contradict our primitive reactions, and otherwise overburden our human physiology. No wonder we feel BURNT OUT.

The solution

Micro-Resilience consists of five Frameworks that aggregate key scientific knowledge into distinct themes, each addressing a different type of concern. With easy adjustments, you can retrain yourself to:

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What people are saying

"This program was superb! I was so excited afterward that I immediately shared what I learned with my family, my leadership team, and anyone who would listen."

- Senior Account Manager, Global Consulting Firm

"This is exactly the kind of thing I want my people doing every day"

- Executive VP, Fortune 100 Chemical Company

"Twenty years from now I will remember, and continue to use the elements of this course."

- Division Head, Fortune 100 Healthcare Company


- 74.2% reported the techniques help meet or exceed business objectives

- 83.7% believed this program greatly increased their engagement at work

- 86.4% said this material helps them significantly reduced stress

- 97.6% said they would recommend this course to others


real world example of micro-resilience

The spark of the idea came to us from world class tennis. With hundreds of athletes on the international circuit, why do the same few players always take home the trophies? Researchers tried to find some common element that separated these champions. But nothing consistent emerged.

Until they looked at what the winners did BETWEEN THE POINTS.

By the last set of a long tennis match, the players who used small, barely noticeable mini-recoveries between each point played much closer to the best of their ability than their competition.

We thought: what if we could use this “between the points” strategy to increase overall levels of energy, engagement, and efficiency in our everyday lives by recharging our batteries as we go?

We call this Micro-Resilience.


The Micro-Resilience Program has been delivered to thousands of professionals from Fortune 100 companies to government agencies, non-profits, service organizations, and entrepreneurial enterprises across a wide range of industries:

  • Education

  • Technology

  • Transportation

  • Entertainment

  • Health

  • Aerospace

  • Financial

  • Insurance

  • Energy

Get the book

For over five years, we studied, developed, and tested tools and techniques to leverage this illuminating insight for business professionals. Drawing from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and psychoneuroimmunology, we curated vast technical research into proven elements that are easy to learn, quick to use, and instantly gratifying.


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