N.E.W.S. helps individuals, teams and organizations navigate effectively through the midst of rapid change and uncertainty.

The Big Idea

Highly effective performance requires dialogue around four critical questions structured around the directional points of the compass. Each direction represents a specific type of blockage, is identified by specific questions, and focuses on a particular axis of development:

What can N.E.W.S. licensees offer?

NEWS offers a world-class structured innovative Navigation Processes for individuals and organizations. The coaching, training and facilitation programs are all based on the NEWS Model and allow consistency and the establishment of a shared language in the organization. NEWS is best known for their Team Navigation program.

Coaching & Related Programs:

NEWS Executive Coaching is tailored to provide the right development needs for the very busy executive operating in a 'white-water' environment.

NEWS Internal Organizational Coaching is structured to train and prepare managers to conduct full coaching processes.

NEWS Manager as a Coach is designed to equip managers with practical coaching skills to get the best out of each team member as well as a whole.

Training Programs:

NEWSell™, a structured model for navigating the sales process, enables you to significantly improve the effectiveness of your sales process.

NEWS Change is designed to equip managers with practical coaching skills to get the best out of each team member.

NEWS Meeting Management trains managers for more effective meetings.

Facilitation Programs:

NEWS Experience, a deep, high impact process of coaching in a group, allows participants to increase motivation, overcome obstacles, plan and execute for better results. This course is a "gateway" to other programs.

NEWS Team Navigation is a process of aligning compasses, so teams can navigate together and achieve excellence as a team.

NEWS Organizational Navigation provides an ideal framework for leading organizational change and securing "buy-in" by the full management team to a mutually agreed direction and operationally effective strategy.

NEWS Walk is a one-day field workshop. It uses practical field navigation to experience navigating decisions when confronted with a changing reality.