Using brain science and cutting-edge psychology, SalesBrain is the only company that trains corporations and their employees to Scientifically Capture, Scientifically Convince, and Scientifically Close more business. 


The Big Idea

Based on the science of how customers use their brain to make buying decisions, SalesBrain teaches NeuroMap, a unique, award-winning persuasion model that points towards the "buy" button in the brain.  

Supported by irrefutable scientific evidence NeuroMap demonstrates that the decision making process is driven by the most ancient part of the brain called the Reptilian Brain --Pr. Daniel Kahnemann recipient of the Nobel Price in Economy named it System 1--. Revealing how to appeal to the primitive Reptilian Brain, SalesBrain teaches a 4 question process to create and deliver strong persuading messages. In short SalesBrain use science to teach how to find the buy button in the brain of the customer!

The SalesBrain book is published in 13 languages. Over 100,000 executives have been trained in over 25 different countries.

what can SALES BRAIN licensees offer?

SalesBrain licensees deliver training programs on NeuroMap that include:

  • 1 day
  • 2 day
  • 3 day
  • keynotes
  • coaching sessions
  • half-day

These trainings consist in a series of short, scientific yet exciting lectures on the science of how people use their brain to make buying decisions. These lectures are followed by brainstorms and messaging exercises where the trainees have to answer 4 critical questions that drive the decision making process in the brain of their customers. The 4 questions are how do you?...


These trainings are relevant not only for top managers like CEO, CSO, CMO, VP Sales, VP Marketing, etc.. but also for all sales and marketing teams, including product management, pre and post sales. In short they are valuable for all employees who need to communicate the message titled “Why buy from us.” Furthermore because these trainings are based on the science of persuasion they apply both for B2B and B2C companies and they are relevant for ANY vertical market: SalesBrain customers include all branches of the industry.