You’ll be amazed how quickly storytelling will transform your communication and your business results (true story!)


Storytelling gives your people a way to really belong to something bigger than themselves – your organization.

Stories at Work teaches you the art and science of communication to improve engagement at work, sharpen productivity and increase your influence as a leader. Your return on investment in Stories at Work will be massive.

We have been helping businesses bridge the gap between targets and people for 20 years. Now we’ve distilled that knowledge into one simple method.

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How it works in less than 2 minutes


A powerful and easy to follow 2-Day program that will rescue your organization’s strategy, values and purpose from the posters on the wall and light them up in the hearts and minds of the people you need to influence.

Leaders will gain:

  • More presence, clarity and influence.

  • Your FIVE most essential stories and when to use them.

  • A personal database of your own stories.

  • The confidence to speak from the heart and not your notes.

  • The Stories at Work methodology to use organization-wide.

Organizations will gain:

  • Higher engagement

  • Increased productivity

  • A strategy that is concrete in the minds of your people

  • Aligned and embedded Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values.

  • A knowledge sharing culture where selling ideas internally is easy.


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