SweetmanCragun is the global leader in providing leadership and change mastery solutions specifically designed to help clients achieve remarkable results in today’s Age of Disruption


Leaders at all levels around the globe seem disoriented by the constant upheaval and turbulence of the global business environment. The Age of Disruption is here, and it will require new knowledge and new best practices for leaders and organizations to dominate in the 21st century. 

SweetmanCragun has discovered the DNA code behind exceptional 21st century leadership. We call these leaders Leader-Accelerators. Leader-Accelerators simply make things happen. They positively accelerate everything they touch and create an incredible velocity of benefit and goodwill for customers, employees, and stakeholders. They inspire willing followers and are purpose driven. 

Our research suggests that there are three differentiator competencies that exceptional leaders and organizations must master in the 21st century.

  1. Shared Energy: Harnessing the unique power of each individual and aligning all human energy within an enterprise horizontally-vertically to create something much greater than the sum of its parts
  2. Vibrant Innovation: Continuously innovating every element of an organization to stay one step ahead of competitors and industry best practices
  3. Change Mastery/Reinvention: Leveraging incoming global shockwaves to reinvent individual and organizationally, accelerate results, and leapfrog the competition

As more and more issues and opportunities spin off by the rapidly revolving business environment, it will be Leader-Accelerators that quickly identify the solutions and organize people and processes to respond in powerful ways. As a result, they and their teams consistently generate remarkable results, a sustainable competitive advantage, and a widened economic moat wherever they work.


What can SweetmanCragun Licensees offer?

Licensees can offer the full suite of SweetmanCragun training, coaching and consulting offerings:


  • The Leadership Code: The Five Rules to Lead By
  • The Leader Accelerator: New Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption


  • Leader-Accelerator Coaching
  • Reinventor: 10 Attributes Coaching


  • Installing the Leader-Accelerator Competencies and Supporting Culture for Remarkable Results
  • Reinvention Projects


  • Leader-Accelerator 360 Degree and Quick Self Assessments
  • Reinvention Readiness Assessments: Individual and Organizational
  • Asian Leadership Index
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Index
  • The Leadership Circle

To support its offerings, SweetmanCragun has created a revolutionary professional services delivery platform called Encoded Learning. Originating in Silicon Valley, it leverages a unique combination of rapid-fire learning techniques and enabling technology to dramatically increase learning retention from 10% to 50% twelve months after intervention. Using Private-Virtual Learning Guide, it allows SweetmanCragun client participants to retrieve and implement new knowledge and best practices at the moment of need.