Team Advantage is a dynamic program that accelerates performance, leadership capacity, and collaboration through a proven team coaching process — one that goes beyond a typical 2-day team-building event

The Big Idea

Team Advantage is a business-oriented game plan that supports attainment of an extraordinary business goal, one that is truly meaningful to a leader and their team. These goals typically stretch the team to go beyond mandates.  

Blending the world of work and principles of sport, Team Advantage improves team dynamics and communication by employing a coach approach that promotes problem solving, conflict resolution, goal achievement and celebration of attainments in real time.  The team creates their game plan, so there is a high level of ownership for outcomes. They create new ways of working in their team charter, which insures peer accountability beginning with game rules that highlight the notion-“no one wins unless we all win.” 

Often called the “game changer or secret sauce,” by team leaders and executives, Team Advantage has been used by hundreds of high-performing teams and its results have been documented by forward-thinking companies for over two decades. Team leaders learn coaching skills in real time to become great with their people and team.  Coaching addresses habitual blocks to performance.  

In addition to focusing on attainment of the stretch goal, the program leaves the team with a replicable process for unleashing potential and growth. The bottom line is that people have fun working together again, and fun is a missing link in employee engagement and the biggest obstacle for creativity and inspired performance.

What can team Advantage licensees offer?

Licensees will be certified in the the signature Team Advantage process, which is delivered in four phases over 16 weeks and accomplishes what some say should take two years to achieve. The four phases are:

  • Pre-Game Preparation – Each team member is interviewed to set the stage for the program
  • Kick- Off Workshop – The team creates a game plan around the stretch goal and makes agreements for how they will win together.
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions – The team leader is prepped and the team is coached weekly over 16 weeks to address the blocks to performance and to transfer coaching skills to the leader who insures the team wins – attains their stretch goal.
  • Celebration – There are lots of wins and celebrations during this process which ignite the team, building on momentum and fostering a culture of learning and collaboration.

Team Advantage licensees will be able to: 

  • Immediately conduct the Team Advantage process with client teams and transfer coaching skills capabilities to the team leader - closing a leadership gap for sustainable change.
  • Use Team Advantage as the ultimate game changer in organizations that are asking for team building, yet really need to completely alter the way teams work
  • Play a thought leader role among professional and organizational coaches that are changing the game of work, one team at a time.  
  • Participate in ongoing monthly one hour ICF approved CCEU programs to continue and deepen the learning around team coaching and share lessons from the field and add to the body of work around team coaching in general and Team Advantage specifically.
  • Have access to a mentor coach and potentially partner with Team Advantage mentor coaches when there is a mutually beneficial need for global companies
  • Leverage this program on a larger scale, adding capabilities for their own teams to deliver multiple games simultaneously to address a specific business challenge or imperative, such as to lift a company’s employee engagement.

For participating in the certification training, licensees will also receive 23.5 hours of ICF CCEUs.