By distilling only the most valuable concepts from top MBA courses, The Applied MBA allows professionals to make the most of their limited time.

The Big Idea

The Applied MBA teaches the fundamental business drivers behind the most successful ventures today. It helps prepare professionals to better:

  • Understand the thinking behind business decisions

  • Communicate with clients, peers, and superiors

  • Contribute to the decision making process

  • Act more efficiently in their roles as advisors and specialists

The course will benefit professionals in any field but can be customized for different industries, such as law, healthcare, tech, or engineering. The course is a carefully crafted balance between academics and the application of the knowledge.

What can The Applied MBA licensees offer?

Licensees can offer the The Applied MBA Seminar Series, which is structured to be delivered in 10 half day sessions:

Session 1A - The MBA Mind

Session 1B - Accounting Fundamentals

Session 2 - Accounting Applications

Session 3 - Strategy

Session 4 - Modern Economics

Session 5 - Marketing and Business Development - What to Sell

Session 6 - Marketing and Business Development - How to Sell

Session 7 - Finance

Session 8 - Organizational Behavior, Culture and Management

Session 9A - Real Estate Development and Finance

Session 9B - Lean Thinking in Business

Session 10A - Negotiations

Session 10B - Ethics

The series can be completed in 1 week, 2 intense weekends, 5 Saturdays, or a half day every week.