ThomasLeland works with clients to diagnose cultural challenges, architect and implement cultural solutions, and install self-sustaining cultural improvement practices.

The Big Idea

ThomasLeland helps clients achieve transformation objectives and resolve persistent organizational challenges by addressing the cultural underpinnings of behavior and performance.

Event the most sophisticated organizational strategy may be undermined by a deeply engrained, unaligned and unsupportive culture. Unaddressed cultural differences erode the promised value of joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, and globalization strategies. Team performance remains stagnant when issues of divergent mindsets, priorities and values distract attention. The power of culture to enable or to disable organizational performance is often underestimated or altogether neglected. Understanding and shaping these hidden influences is critical to enabling sustainable change, alignment and stakeholder engagement.

ThomasLeland works side-by-side with clients, as “outsiders on the inside,” to establish an inside understanding of the organization’s formal and informal dynamics. ThomasLeland’s unique anthropological perspective and ethnographic method yield surprising results.

What can ThomasLeland Licensees Offer?

Licensees will be certified in the ThomasLeland methodology, learning how to diagnose cultural dynamics, strategically design culture, and build capability. Licensees can also be certified in all the solutions in the ThomasLeland portfolio:

  • Accelerated Teaming Enabling high-performance teamwork and collaboration across boundaries

  • DIL Practitioner™ Certification Taking your Diversity & Inclusion commitment to the next level

  • ImpACT™ Coaching Enabling individuals and small groups to lead transformative organizational change

  • Leadership Development Experience Advancing leaders from great to extraordinary