UseClark empowers your work by helping you obtain and retain knowledge.

The Big Idea

What would you give for an extra hour or two each day? You cannot change the length of a day, but you can change how you use it. We’re overwhelmed with information and we don’t have the right tools or skills to manage the overload. The result is that most people only scan information, and end up struggling to recall it later on. We forget 70% of what we've read within one day.

How well your brain obtains and retains knowledge has nothing to do with your intelligence or IQ, but instead the method that you use. If you have a high IQ, but use ineffective methods, you still will experience difficulties in remembering that knowledge when you need it.

what can i offer as a licensee?

UseClark 101 (1/2 Day Course)

  • The course covers the essentials of the UseClark method in an abbreviated half day course. It works well as a quick introductory lesson.

Performance Training (1 or 2 day course)

  • This course is targeted at knowledge professionals. It covers techniques to improve information processing and memory skills.

StudyBoost Training (1 or 2 day course)

  • A course on the UseClark method as applied by students. The content revolves around more efficient and effective studying methods.

UseClark Software

  • We developed a document reader based on the UseClark method that increases productivity when processing information on screens. The software guides the user to read faster and provides tools to make it easier to analyze and share the information in the document. The software will reduce the amount of time users spend reading and taking notes, thus allowing them to focus more on actually analyzing and applying the information.