VIA systematically explores what is best about human beings, helping individuals to know their strengths, live in character and savor their success.

The Big Idea

Everyone has innate aptitudes and abilities within them, and leveraging these strengths is the key to professional excellence and personal fulfillment. Yet identifying strengths can be complicated, confusing and incredibly time consuming.

The Values in Action (VIA) Character Strengths Profile has guided over 2.6 million people through the process of discovering their strengths and learning to leverage them. Greater potential lies in focusing on what is right about people rather than what is wrong.

The VIA Institute on Character was founded by Dr. Martin Seligman, father of the positive psychology movement, and operates as a research organization.  

what can via licensees offer?

VIA licensees can offer the one-day workshop “Your Strengths at Work”

Module 1: Building A Case
Module 2: Aware
Module 3: Align
Module 4: Appreciate

Licensees also have access to all VIA strengths-based surveys and reports. In addition, new programs and reports are currently being developed that will be exclusive to VIA licensees.