Customers Only Want Two Things is a proven process for winning loyalty in customers.  If your clients want the growth and success that comes from customer loyalty, this program will deliver the skills and tools unlike any other in the world.

 The Big Idea

Loyal customers are the sustaining power of any business or organization. Loyal customers do four things: (1) they come back, (1) they buy more or use more of your services, (3) they refer their friends, and (4) offer helpful feedback.   Customers essentially want only two things: Solve my problem, and Leave me feeling great about the experience.  This program provides concrete, practical skills for staff at any level to provide superlative, memorable customer experiences.  The program is packed with tools, such as the deck of 33 Hot Tip cards, the colorful participant manual and a series of useful QuickTip Cards for various roles and functions.  This program will accelerate your client’s success and help them transform their culture.


What can Visionbound Offer Licensee?

  • A fun and practical half-day learning and team building experience that builds unity and excitement

  • A way for their clients to both measure and increase customer loyalty, resulting in marked increases to their bottom line results

  • Powerful concepts and practical tools to help their clients create a customer-centric culture that wins loyalty

  • A follow-on seminar for managers on how to build and lead a service team

  • Another session on how to work with difficult and challenging customers and personalities

  • A program that also improves how staff and managers interact and treat each other as internal customers.  This improves morale, increases productivity and reduces turnover.

  • Insights from Kevin’s book Customers Only Want Two Things: Winning Loyalty in a Competitive World