WhiteSpace efficiency training is an easy, enjoyable and completely unique digital training program which can make any team more effective. Our lightweight and effective programs and support services can help your team make more time for the work that matters.

 The Big Idea

Work has become relentless. Most professional teams feel they could be “on” 24 hours a day and never complete their task lists. They never disconnect. They’re frequently exhausted. Adding to the pain, employees often are held hostage to their overwhelming inboxes, pointless meetings, and a thousand forms of wasted effort. What they need are tools and systems to liberate them from busywork and give them the freedom to unleash their talents and true productivity. They deserve a better way to work.

WhiteSpace is a strategic pause taken between activities. It can be used in tiny sips as small as two seconds or in longer stretches. These thoughtful pauses laced through the busyness of the workday are the oxygen that allows everything else to catch fire. WhiteSpace can be recuperative; to reboot your exhausted brain and body. It can also be constructive; this is time spent on driving business results through introspection, strategy and big picture thinking.

We help companies insert the fruitful and rich element of WhiteSpace into their lives and workflow — watching them reap the enormous, immediate benefits. When starved for WhiteSpace, employees are disengaged, overwhelmed and distracted. With WhiteSpace, creativity and engagement take root and blossom into growth and focused execution.

At WhiteSpace at Work:

  • We change the workflow of intact teams to speed execution, reduce waste and help teams do more meaningful work. +

  • We improve team efficiency by reducing emails, meetings, decks, reports, paperwork, and other low-value work. 

  • We improve effectiveness by using the recovered time for work of substance such as innovation, strategy, and big-picture thinking.

Outcomes of WhiteSpace Efficiency Work

  • Raised awareness of the cost of busywork

  • Increased skills in prioritization and reducing low-value tasks

  • Cultural shift toward a smarter use of work hours

  • Mindset shifts away from reactivity to thoughtful customer focus

  • Reductions in meetings, email, reports, and other wasteful touch points

  • Increased skills in making meetings more effective

  • Increase in creative/innovative and strategic time at work

  • Improved boundaries regarding the use of technology

  • Improvement in work/life balance and being connected at home

  • Reduction of burnout and increase of time to serve the customer

  • Improved team morale and commitment to organization

What can WhiteSpace at Work Offer Licensee?


Thirty-two digital lessons covering all the nuts and bolts of basic WhiteSpace education will be deployed over the course of an 4-8 month period. Each lesson features a three-part experience; a lighthearted and content-rich video; a smartly designed interactive online activity and a downloadable “memory sheet” to deepen the applicability. The team accountability process and guidelines keep learners engaged and on track together. Topics include: Email, Meetings, Teams, Vacation, Work-Life Balance, Fire Drills, Communication, WhiteSpace and Kids, Dealing with Difficult People, Cell Phone Optimization and much, much more. All digital roll-outs include our comprehensive accountability process and playbooks.


These are assessments to bring a metrics-minded lens to WhiteSpace improvements. Self-reporting data is blended with accompanying formulas to give us a glimpse of the culture and workflow before, during and after a WhiteSpace intervention. Metrics and survey questions may be customized together.


A personal assessment gauging the causes of overload for each individual as tracked to personality components. Participants are scored in four areas correlating to the WhiteSpace “Thieves of Productivity;” four critical areas of focus adding to overload. Individualized reports include instruction and guidance at overcoming one’s dominant “Thief” or “Thieves.”


The cost of low-value tasks in dollars and time is enormous, but these calculations are rarely done. Our WhiteSpace Talent-Waste reports give business leaders clarity on these issues. These reports are generated based on data gathered from a light self-reporting survey, blended with some data from HR, and they help us look at the reality of costs associated with busywork. In these reports, we typically see around $1,000,000 of annual waste for every fifty people in an organization.